Will this be the one?

So... I had a mc at the end of March/beg of April. I had one cycle in May and got pregnant in June. It ended at as chemical pregnancy only a few days after finding out. I had a series of blood tests done for everything from thyroid, hormones, diabetes, lupus, etc... You name it. Everything came back great. So here I am and I didn't have a cycle since the chemical and I found out I'm pregnant again. I can't help but be extra nervous. I'm trying to just give it to God and be ok and just be happy. But this is so hard and I almost feel like it isn't real. I have an appt on aug 4th. Both of the other times I haven't made it to my appt before something happened. Praying praying praying it doesn't happen again.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Any positive stories, thoughts, prayers, advice are greatly appreciated.