I'm pretty sure my dr called me fat lol

Not her exact words. But I feel like she kind of implied it haha I'm pregnant with twins, thought I was 8w3d but I'm actually 7w1d (that's what they measured at). I asked how much weight I should gain and she said about 40 pounds. And I was like "so it's okay that I've already gained like 4 or 5 pounds?" I'm not really sure about my prepregnancy weight, had to guess. But she said, normally you should gain about 1-2 pounds a week.. But maybe you should just try to do 1 pound a week 😂 I don't feel like I've been eating any different 😭 idk I'm just pregnant and sensitive haha I've always been sensitive about my weight anyways. I'm just gonna try to be a little healthier with my food choices