Should I go in or not ?

Rose • Hiiiii
so I'm 34 week's pregnant the last couple of days I've had , frequent urge to pee but just dribbling , frequent urge to poo and it's been a bit loose , alot of pelvic pressure , lower back ache , cramps , tightening but not regular at all very hit and miss with timing , also an increased discharge, and regular stabby pains deep down in my vagina and constant urge to be sick ! its safe to say I feel I feel like absolute crap ! I can't sleep with the pressure and cramps so I'm awake every half hour in the night , I feel so uncomfortable and restless , I am wondering if to go in and have the midwives check me over my last 2 baby's were born at 34 and 37 weeks via emergency section and I felt pretty much as bad as I do now then too , I don't want to waste their time in case it's it's a bug or something but I also don't want to put the baby at any risk if it is labour related symptoms ... what do you think ? x