Needing advice...

Azkadellia • Currently just trying to get my body to do what it`s supposed to. Lesbian.
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Okay, so let's start off with I'm 18, and I've been in a long distance relationship with my now 25 year old girlfriend for a year. I told her upfront at the time we started dating that I was only 17, and we agreed that since nothing physical would happen due to the 3,000 miles between us, that it was okay for us to date. Also, let it be known that in both our states consenting age is 16, so nothing was illegal.
Well, fast forward a year, we've celebrated our one year anniversary, we have these matching "Real Love" rings, (I realize that to most people rings like that don't mean much, but they do to us.) Anyway, we're both desperately trying to get new jobs so that we can save up to get her moved up to Alaska with me. The thing is, in all this time, I haven't whispered word one to my parents about her.
It's not that I'm ashamed of her or our relationship in any way, quite the opposite. I just don't know how they would react to me dating someone whose seven years older than me, on top of the 3,000 mile distance. I also know they wouldn't agree with the idea of her moving here to be with me, or me moving there to be with her. My family is very mistrusting in that way, and it's frustrating.
So, I guess, my point is, how would you guys break news like that to family? I don't want to use spring her and our relationship on them or anything like that. But I just know they wouldn't agree with it, and that makes me anxious and kinda sad. She's an amazing woman, this is the best relationship I've ever had. And I just want everything to go smoothly for everyone involved. Any advice is greatly appreciated.