Need help re: my temp chart


I took clomid cd3-7 and am on cd19. My question is is there a chance I ovulated twice during these last 5 days I have had positive OPKs or is it something else? On the cd15-16 we actually bedded once but i wasn't sure what time and day to count it as due to we bd after he got home from working 2nd shift. Last night I got a headache and backache like it do when AF is coming and SO decided we needed to bd because he thought I was ovulating again and we were afraid maybe we would miss the window. This mornings opk is still positive for 5th day in a row.

*I fixed my chart after another support group on different site chastised me for recording my tempts etc incorrectly even though I did what u was told by my dr. Felt like an idiot because I put the time I recorded tempts instead of the actual 6am and 8pm time I took them ss My dr told me.