Just needing a hug

Amy • Married 5-20-12 to my love since `08 ❤️ Our 🌈 Lucas arrived 5/16 - baby #2 became an 👼🏼 in 9/19
Doctor just called. Had my miscarriage Wednesday. Bloodwork Thursday confirms my miscarriage at 4 weeks 5 days. I was doing better. It was early so i wasn't so bad, and my husband has been so supportive. Then they call today to say I need to go back and retest this Thursday because there was a confirmed miscarriage and hcg still showing up. I was too upset to ask what the level was. I'm just sick of hearing that word over the last week and want to move on. My husband is sure we'll get pregnant again right away, and he's been keeping me positive. But I just got the call, home alone, and I'm devastated all over again. Just could really use a hug and a little vent to some ladies who understand. ❤️