Adice please. Sorry about long story

Cat ❤👣🍼 • I'm 23 years old. Married on 5.07.14 to my soulmate. First baby Nesbitt due in November❤🍼👣👶
My parents are old fashioned and want me to be looked after and for my husband to work. They are unaware that my husband is on benefits as he has suffered with mental health issues in the past and is signed off. I work part time. We are expecting a baby in November and I will be off for 6 months. I love the thought of us both experiencing the first 6 months of our first child's life. My mum and dad keep moaning about him getting a job. I'm happy my husband is not working as he will be able to care for our child when I am working and we will not struggle with money trying to pay costs. Should I force him into work just because my parents don't agree. His mental health is none of their business and I feel they should respect my decision to have my husband as the in house 'nanny' lol. Advice and opinions welcome. thanks.