Breech/transverse baby 36weeks

So my little one still seems to have plenty of room to twirl around even at 35+5. Last week my OB suspected baby had turned breech, conviently I have access to an ultrasound at work, so we checked later that afternoon and bub was head down. 
At today's appointment OB thinks maybe more transverse, which I can agree with just based on palpating my abdomen, there is clearly a hard round spot in either side and legs/arms somewhere in the middle. My Dr said we will probably do a bedside U/S at some point to confirm position. 
Ideally I want a vaginal birth, and would like to labor before having a cesarean. 
My question is have any of you had a poorly positioned baby that turned late, or even in labor? I know all about spinning babies, and the external version options. Just would love to avoid a scheduled section if at all possible. And would love to hear that others had success.