She's Here

Introducing Cassidy Mauri, born 8/12/15 @ 6:27pm, 6 pounds even, 19 inches. Sporadic contractions started at 2am, by 6am I could time them and they were 5 minutes apart. I labored at home until 9am, I was 6cm, 80% effaced, -1 station. Water broke at 5:30pm & I instantly went from 6 to 7cm asking for epidural. Got epidural at 6:15 but had her at 6:27 before it kicked in! The anesthesiologist came in to check if epidural kicked in & I said no but I don't need it now lol. Only needed 2 stitches & my pumpkin is the cutest little calm baby ever! She latched on like a champ too!