Question for women with/had cysts

Last month the er believes I had a cyst pop. I was having all pregnancy symptoms minus sore breast with bfn for a month and a half and then one night I was in horrendous pain for about 30-45 mins. To the point of vomiting. 
So my question is, would this then change everything? My emotions are all over the place from crying to full belly laughs in seconds. My cm is a crazy amount. I don't remember it ever being like this. I can't concentrate. As in I'll be staring at my SO and I know he's talking to me but I'm zoned out and it's like I can't hear him. I'm bloated beyond anything I've ever had and my face has broke out bad too. Everything is escalating day by day with my period due soon. Way worse then any other month. 
Is this normal? I would think it would effect me of course but how long does this normally last? Will this just be my new normal? It's actually affecting my relationship.  Not "we're breaking up" but he constantly thinks I'm upset asking what's wrong with me. I can honestly only say I don't know. Of course doc is saying pms but for a month? The cyst popped and I got my period 1 day later. Next cycle should start Monday. I'm a 26-28 day cycle and have always been regular minus the last two months. I assume cause of the cyst.