Family is stressing me out😖😖😖

I just got back from vacation Tuesday night. I booked the trip before I was pregnant. Trust me. Going to another country 19weeks pregnant isn't THAT fun. Anyway including my husband & myself there was 8 of us. My side of the family. I thought I'd tough it out because I hadn't seen my parents or anyone since Christmas. But knew it would have some challenges. Anyway. It ended on a bad note. I assume everyone was annoyed with me because I was tired, or hated waiting to eat while the group took forever. I would get pretty snappy but was looked at for acting crazy. I'm not saying I have a free pass for getting snappy but I felt like no one was sympathetic. I'd really only complain when I was hungry. Because... If I ate lunch at 12 I was starving at 830 & needed food ASAP. Anyway it was left super awkward & feel super crappy. Literally within minutes of saying bye we were taking pictures & I was making an unpleasant face because there was sun in my eyes. My brothers girlfriend made a comment about my face perfectly capturing my feelings of the trip. I got pissed & yelled at her because i felt attacked. My brother nor her said bye. It was awkward & my mom said I should "lighten up". Should I let it go? I'm not sure when I'll see or talk to them again. I'm just annoyed that no one understood My position. & now I feel like the asshole.