1st trimester flying

Suzanne • Proposal 11/2/14* Married 7/11/15* MC 9/6/15* BFP 11/2/15* DUE 7/15/16
Hi! My DH and I spent this month rigorously TTC... I won't test until the 24th if af doesn't show. I've had crazy moods though, lots of crying spells, dry flaky skin despite drinking ab 4x more water than I normally do, and mild nausea each day, which is very abnormal for me. I've also had diarrhea almost every day but I thought that might be the high dose of probiotics in my prenatals. We have a trip to Cancun booked for the end of September, and I was wondering if any of you knew-- say I get my BFP, is flying risky? Could i miscarry? Thank you!