Faulty tests or 30 weeks pregnant?

Deidra • My wife and I are ttc our second baby through artificial insemination at home using a known donor
First off, I know blue dye is bad to use but its what I have on hand. My wife and I were doing ivf at the end of last year and beginning of this year with no luck. The last time was feb 8th. But I started my period so I didn't even take a test that cycle. Well im now 3 weeks late on my period and just took an extra pregnancy test for shits and giggles because.... were lesbians.... there is NO WAY I could be pregnant...... buttttttt............ what do you all think? I know your levels go down once your further along so maybe thats why the lines are so light, that and its 9 at night and I will take another in the morning. I have also had no other systems including having my period regularly since feb. (tho the 2nd line is faint on both you can see them much better in person )

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