Eager and not trying get to far ahead tho...

Erika • Im 27& my boyfriend is 31. We are trying for our first child together. I myself have 2 children a son who just turned 6 & my daughter will be 5 . im hoping this app helps us have our 3rd child .

Well my start date is tomorrow and I've had no signs yet.. Usually I get cramps or spotting and even some irregular BM and then I start my period

Well last wk after I had sex I had literally 3-4 light blood spots when wiped But was gone that min!! & that was no where near my start date. So I'm not sure why else might have made it happen .and no other symptoms for AF..

(And with my fiancé being well blessed so even before TTC certain ways wld cause random blood drops at complete random)

But I hate getting my hopes up but Idk when I shld buy a test.. Like Idk how long to wait??!!any brand test preferred for the soonest results at a decent price?

I've never went thru the whole trying thing and I'm new to all the timing and planning

But I have been following this app as much as I can,I'm recording every day , and read all the notes and tricks to help ..so I need some advice!!