Thinking I might go into labor soon...

Kirsten • Im Kirsten, & I'm a mommy to Jazmyne
I'm 37+1 weeks, I'm 1cm dilated (that I remember), I went to L&D last night with dull contractions, they were definitely picking up though, I'm 75% effaced, my daughter is at a -2 station (but she was working her way down..) 
Today, I'm having stronger contractions that are lasting about 45-50 secs and are about 3-4 mins apart...I'm in pain, and I'm feeling as if I'm leaking, I had a test done yesterday, but it only showed urine, I'm bummed. I want this baby out. 
I was offered to stay at the hospital last night but I turned them down as I was only asked if I'd be able to sleep if I went home and I said hopefully, my mom thinks they would've induced me if I stayed, but I'm in pain. 
I want this labor to move quicker! 😔 
Any advice/tips to get things moving quicker?!