Preemie STRONG💪🏼💜

Who else here is a preemie mama! 
My first baby! Sweet little boy! He was early, not real early but he was 36 weeker. My first baby, totally didn't expect it at all! He came out perfect. Didn't need any assistance! 
6lbs 5oz
19 inches
Then! With my second pregnancy with my daughter, my water broke at 31 weeks! Holy scary! Flight for lifed to the best hospital in my area for preemie care. They kept her in for a week, I was obviously hospitalized the whole time. Then at 32 weeks my princess was born ! She got out with only 1 month of NICU care. Never left her side. 
4 lbs 13oz
18 inches 
I found sharing my story helped me get though what I was going through. Yes a lot of other preemie mom have it WAY worse then I did. It was still hard. It's our story. We made it out safe and happy! Also reading other people's success stories helped me so much ! Share your story 💜