Dear Dad,

I know you pay for my tuition and I'm really grateful for that. I know that you were really disappointed and hurt when you found out I'm accidentally pregnant. But it's my life and I want to make my own decisions. Even though the baby's father and I were never in a relationship, we decided to give each other a chance, maybe we can start a happy family together. But you just won't allow me. For seven months you never admit that he's the father, you even threatened to cut me off if I want to be with him. If he disagrees with you, you'll say he's irresponsible. We have to obey what you want or we are "making a terrible mistake".
It's hurting me because I know that you want the best for me and you think someone, who is not my boyfriend, knocks me up is not good enough for me. But it's also killing me that he cannot be a part of my baby's life because you won't even give him a chance.
So maybe he is a tool, but that's my decision to make, if it's a mistake to be with him, it's my mistake, but at least I give it a shot. 
I'm just so tired of everything.