I have depression to, it's okay!

So ladies I'm here to tell you that you are beautiful in EVERYWAY!!! I don't care about your sexual orientation, or how your body looks. You are made beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, and all around amazing!!!
But, I know a lot of girls out there won't believe it. I don't blame you for that, it gets hard to believe such things like that. We either compare ourselves to one another or just simy can't process why anyone should care or accept you for you. 
Trust me! I love you, even if I don't know you. I will still be there for you, because I actually care. I really do, I'm not just some person ranting about depression. Be yourself, worship that body. You only got one life! Make it last!!
I have suffered from depression since I was 7, my mom and dad went through a divorce. Mom talks crap about dad, dad doesn't want to be in the picture anymore. Sister planned to self harm herself, and was taken away to the hospital for a couple of months. 
After she got out my mom, sister and myself moved. At this point my mom would yell at me to be more like my sister, or she would lock herself in her room and just not talk to me. My sister and I have never gotten along, even when I was younger. My sister wants nothing to do with me unless it involves money, or something that benefits her needs. 
So lived life normally, i did find actual friends that I am proud to say have stuck around now for 12 years. But I did do a bunch of stupid shot that got me into a bunch of trouble. I tried to self harm myself, in many different ways. I didn't know how to talk to my therapist about something like this, because it seemed normal to be angry, sad and just down right a bitch to anyone. 
As I got older, things got more difficult. My mom blames me for her getting fired and for us becoming homeless. I don't blame her, I would skip school, and she'd have to come find me. We were homeless for about 2 years I think. We moved across country I believe 4 times before we actually settled.
I lived in Colorado with my dad for a bit, I witnessed his house getting robbed. And not long after that I was raped. 
Thought about self harming myself again, but I didn't. I tried to think of all my passions that I really loved doing. And where I could be in my life if I didn't do myself off. 
And that's where we end this story, I am now a makeup artist, who is now engaged to the most wonderful amazing best friend I could have ever asked for. 
And because of my past and how my friend and my fiancé have shown me how kind, and caring people can be. Is why I am here to tell you that there is so much more to life. There is no reason to give up, if you ever feel that way know that someone loves you. And that even if I don't know you I still care.
Mrs. Hyde 💜