15 pounds in 13 weeks

Ok. So I'm now 13 weeks pregnant and I've literally packed on the pounds. Before I got pregnant I was 125. Yesterday I had my visit at the obgyn and I weighed in at 139.. I literally was in shock and wanted to cry in the office. I should have known because none of my clothes fit and I'm always wearing big t-shirts to leave the house. I feel ugly and miserable. I cry and break down every time I have to get dressed in the morning while standing in front of my closet. My boyfriend holds me and tells me I'm beautiful and will try to pick out outfits for me until I get dressed. But it doesn't make me feel any better honestly. I quit my first job due to terrible fatigue in my first trimester. My second job, I only work during the weekends. So I'm not getting any physical activity at all. I'm home all the time and never feel encouraged or well enough to work out. I'm just so miserable and have no confidence at all. I don't even have a baby bump, THAT'S THE WORST PART.