Really concerned, can someone help plz

Okay my aunt and my mom are like really annoying and rude and I just really can't stand them and I'm a first time mom and I just want my son to be safe and okay and I have a kitten and I don't change the liter box but it's in my room and and last night I was smelling a really weird smell it was like a bad chemical smell but I didn't think anything of it and ended up falling asleep, well this morning when I woke up the smell was 10x stronger and so I came and told my mom and aunt in the living room and they said it was pneumonia from my cats and it's weird because I woke up a little sick this morning with a headache and my nostrils burns and I'm just really worried because I slept all through the night with that smell inhaling it throughout my sleep and I tried calling my OB but the office is closed because it's Saturday and I asked my aunt and them should I call a hotline or something to just make sure that I'm okay or the baby because I was inhaling those fumes and yes I am a first time mom so I'm just making sure everything is fine and my aunt is just being rude saying "I hate first time moms" "shut up your dragging it out" and all I want to know is do you guys think the baby is fine? Am I overreacting? I'm 29 weeks today