My mother :(

My son's third birthday party is tomorrow and I'm currently 18 weeks with baby #2. My younger brother is not invited to the party because he is currently battling a drug problem. He has stolen from me, stolen my car, money, pain pills, and he's used every member of my family to get what he wants then disappears for months at a time then shows back up when he's broke again. I told my mother I did not want him there and if he shows up I will tell him to leave. My mom said he's family and it's rude and hurtful to not have him there. This made me bawl my eyes out because I have been nothing but nice and given him chance after chance only to keep getting screwed over. I know if he shows up he will make the party all about him and probably won't even bring a gift, which I don't really care about I just don't want him there. Am I being mean or rude?