So confused... Angry ... Lost

So before I begin this is probably gonna be long.. I have absolutely no one to talk to. So I figured id talk to you ladies. Dhr took my baby away from me. Well he's almost two now.. They took him without any reasoning. He was very sick in the hospital and Dhr came to talk to us ( mom & dad) . Someone decided they wanted to lie to Dhr and tell them my husband and I were on meth and abused our son which by no means we're true. We passed out hair folocal & doctors said he had no indication on his body to prove he was beat.. So far they have have us four different reasons of why they took him outta our care. Which none are true... I don't know what to do I'm lost without my baby. Now I'm 15+3 days and I'm mortified they will take this baby as well.. We still have all rights to our son just lost custody... I can't afford a lawyer and even if I did no lawyer would want to go for a case that's against the state... I needed to get all this off my cheats cause no one knows except close family and now y'all ladies.. I need my baby back.. I'm so angry.. I feel like it's my fault but I haven't done anything EVER to hurt my baby. I always made sure he had diapers, food even if it meant I was without he was always my number one priority..