Baby Shower Trouble!

Trista • 16 years old and due date on October 28th 2015 💙 having a little boy named Forrest Nathaniel Keister 👶🏻
Is a pavilion near a park an ok place to have a baby shower? Im the mom to be and I am completely ok with this idea, that my mom and sister are planning. My boyfriend on the other hand is throwing a huge fit and has been cussing and stressing me out because he thinks it's stupid to have it near the park. I have a younger sister and my sister has a child who could go play on the park during the baby shower if they got bored. We also invited friends and family with children. I asked him what he wanted to do and he wants to have it in a REC room at a bar, which I am not ok with because I am not 21, and his dad is an alcoholic and his whole side of the family will go into the bar to drink and not celebrate the baby shower with me. What can I do to get him to lay off of me and quit fighting with me about something stupid? He acts as if the baby shower is something so spectacular when I told him in reality its a bunch of friends and family coming together eating, opening gifts and playing some games. I just wanted something simple 😔 my family and his family dont get along well which is why I didnt want it to be at a bar where his dad could get drunk and start a fight with my family or his ex wife (boyfriends real mother) will be. Just will someone tell me what to do because at this point I told my family to stop planning my shower and that I dont want one because hes throwing a huge fit about it and said If i have it at the pavilion that hes gonna ruin my baby shower because its not what he wants, but everytime I ask him what he wants to do for my baby shower he wont tell me. Im just really fristrated and not having a baby shower at this point.