Am I being over dramatic?

So my hubby has a friend that he used to be very close to. This guy is addicted to pills bad. Now I don't personally like being around him I just get an off feeling and I don't want my hubby around him either. This guy calls my hubby constantly and if he sees us anywhere he has to talk forever. Now I get that ppl can change and better themselves but with what I've seen growing up with my aunt being that way it's hard to trust those ppl and they do nothing but use you. So I tried to be understanding at first. One day he shows up high as a kite to our house at 11 at night and refuses to leave unless my hubby goes running around with him.. I was livid because of not only that but he was rummaging through all of our yard sale stuff we had set aside for the next week and was knocking everything over. Then not long after he takes some saddles and things from my in laws to sell and here it is a few weeks later and no one has seen the money or saddles. He also owes us a couple hundred that we'll probably never get back. And today he calls my hubby out of the blue and wants to hang out.. Am I in the wrong for saying no? I'm currently pregnant and I just don't want ppl like that around. If you wanna clean up and do better then ok but I don't think this is acceptable and I don't want to be around someone like that nor do I want my husband having these kind of friends anymore. And my hubby gets my side but he has a hard time telling this guy he can't be running around with him anymore. Idk.. What do you guys think?