Do I tell him about my dirty talk boy? Lol

So hub and I are not living together. It's been about 6 months of being totally separated.  We haven't gotten divorced yet, but planned on filing in the next couple weeks. I've been so incredibley angry. Apparently he cheated with my best friend... (Ex best friend)... When I say short term I mean apparently 2 years ago when i was out of town for business the two got drunk and hooked up two nights in a row... I did not find out about this until my husband told me he felt bad about it and wanted to tell me. I was pisse and kicked him out. I told myself I'd never talk to him... Felt betrayed....... During our separation he did not give up on me. He did anything and everything to try to prove I was who he loved and he wanted me to trust him again. 
Any way, Fast forward right after separation... started chatting with this guy online.  It was harmless and I talked to him because he listened to me vent about my situation. Perfectly normal guy in tre sense he seemed forward another few months after weekly convos and we both mutually decided we wanted to hook up... We never actually did but we talked about it online and dirty talked (sorry if too much info but I haven't had sex in months...). I made the initiative to talk with him becuz I was lonely and angry.  I knew I woudknt actually carry our plan out. Was just horny lol and he the way he talked to me was the hottest (sorry if tmi)
Any way fast forward to the present... my husband and I have decided to try living together again.  I hate to say the past is the past but I want to give him a chance. I'm starting to not be as angry. During our time not living together he proved he still loved me and proved I could trust him again. 
My question is... Now that we are working on things do I tell him about my online dirty talk and sinful plans with this online bad boy?