How do I reconnect w/ my husband?

We have been together for four years, gone through a lot of ups and downs, we had an amazing relationship and just got married four months ago, then we lost a baby two months ago and ever since we've become so distant. Hardly ever have sex, I literally cringe if we're in bed and he starts kissing on me or trying to initiate. I have no interest in sex at all and its putting a strain on us bad. I know we need to reignite things, but I just can't.
The other day he asked what my deal was and I told him I felt like we're in the friend zone. He's not very loving, he's never thoughtful or nurturing anymore, he's always in a bad mood about something and I don't like being around him, he's so...idk it's like he's put himself on a pedistal and acts like he's so put together and everyone else is a mess. I just hate that attitude and it makes it hard to be lovey with him. 
Feel like we should maybe try counseling. Just sucks, man! We've only been happy for two out of the four short months we've been married and I just want to be happy again. I don't know what to do. 😢