My healthy lifestyle is causing family drama

Maggie • 25🌞Mommy to💙Luca 12/31/13💙 Logan 02/14/17💙
So, like a lot of families, my family celebrates everything with food. My mom, my son, and I also usually always meet up for lunch through the week and we do our shopping and things together. We always try to squeeze in as much family time as possible.
    My mom usually wants to meet at places that have nothing that really works for me so I eat before or after ( honestly I get really bummed out I can't have fries haha!) but my family finds it offensive that I don't eat with them while we are there... So lately I haven't been going and that makes them even more upset with me.
     I don't feel they should have to cater to my choices and go somewhere else, I'm fine just not eating, but they still think I'm being rude... Hardee's, Pizza Shops, etc. I know I can get a salad but the prices for salads at some places I'm like "really???" Haha. 
Sometimes I order just to get them off my back and then I fall back to bad habits. 
I told her I'd love to meet for dinner one night a month for Pizza as a "cheat meal"... She said they don't eat pizza on Fridays lmao. (If I'm gonna have a cheat meal I want my husband there to have a good time!) 
The struggle is real... A few of my friends have this issue too but none of us know how to approach it...
I guess I feel like I'm just trying to get out of the mindset the everything revolves around food but I don't want to push my changes on anyone.
Any advice?