Name Change

Catrina • 25. Married to my other half. 5-15-15. 1 angel baby named River. Daughter named Remington. Son named Journey.
We just found out we are having a boy and we are so excited to name him River. 
Well I have a friend who I kinda lost contact with over the years but we recently reconnected. She told me that she had a miscarriage before she had her current son. I never knew the baby's name or the whole story or what happened. A few weeks ago she posted something on Facebook saying his name was River and she will always miss him. Well I texted her and told we if we have a son we plan on naming him River and would that be okay because I didn't want to hurt her. She said if you love the name of course. I would never tell someone not to name their child something. So I said okay. 
Well today after my gender reveal I got a message from her best friend saying while it was sweet of me to reach out she was crushed when she found out it was a boy and the name we chose and explained why it was hard for her and if I see her pulling back from our friendship than that is why. I of course was shocked. Now I doubt I will have my friend and our kids can play together. I will never take away from the experience of her losing her child. I can't imagine.  
But I was respectful and I asked. 
Should I change his name?