Risk from Pack n' Play!

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I just wanted to make aware of the possible risks of using a Pack n' Play for sleeping.

My SIL just had her 2 month appointment and the doctor said "her head is messed up". That their baby's head is flat. I can't believe a doctor said "messed up" but he's friends with them so w.e. In 2 months they will know if baby needs a helmet.

Anyways the culprit is that they are always putting her down in a Pack n' Play. She sleeps in a Pack n' Play and sometimes naps in a PnP. They are not suitable for sleeping only napping.

I'm writing this to help anyone who might be considering it for night time sleeps. You should really get something suitable for sleeping (bassinet, crib, mini crib) to try to avoid flat head. Lots of holding also helps. I know a lot of people swear by Pn'P's, so I just want you to think about the down side as well.