Stupid hospitals

Jill • Married to an amazing man. Have a beautiful handsome baby boy. Baby #2 is on the way.
Went last night at 10:30 because I had severe back pain that went around to my front causing me problems to breathe. Along with making my stomach hurt. So of course I'm dying of pain and I have to sit there till 2 am just to get seen by the emerge doctor. By that time pain has eased up. Well everything seemed fine with bloodwork and such. They did a quick ultrasound on babes and they were snoozing away with their ticking heart, so that was relieving. 
Come 2:15 I was allowed to leave but they asked me to go back this morning at 8 am for a ultrasound of my gall bladder and kidneys. So after doing so and waiting 4 1/2 hours they FINALLY call my name to tell me oh hey you have a gallstone. And there's some sludge in there that can make a second. So watch your fat content and try to eat small meals. Well mr smarties doctor, I couldn't eat or drink anything since last ninth because I was told not to so don't tell me to have small meals when you told me not to and it's been over 12 hours. 
Either way this absolutely sucks! Just needed a rant