If one more man.....😡

I swear to the lord if one more man tries to tell me "oh you think this is bad, you've got 18 years left" I might strangle them. I just want to scream "how do you know? Have you grown a body inside your own body? Have you felt feet hooked under your ribcage? Do you have someone's head resting on your bladder or your cervix all the time? Do you feel like your leg is just gonna pop out of the socket at any moment? How about your boobs? Are they sore? Tender? Leaking? Have you thrown up lately? How about sleeping? Because id love to be able to sleep on my stomach but can't because that particular region contains a PERSON right now!!! Oh are you looking forward to pushing a watermelon out through your butthole soon???"
Ugh! I'm glad my SO hasn't said anything dumb like that yet. I think he realizes how this is not the most fun experience ever. I know they're trying to identify or something but come on man!