Is this an excuse?

My SO is not in the military he just works in the states and I'm in Canada. We're dating yes but don't see each other often. We decided a while ago that he'd come and see me for my birthday end of October. I had gone to him in the late spring of this year. I mentioned how excited I was to spend my birthday with him and he said he's so sorry but can't afford it right now due to some bills. I respect that and I would never hold that against him. Today I noticed he posted something new on his instagram. A picture of a brand new Truck with a caption of my new baby impulse buy on it. Instead of coming to see me he's put his money into a new truck. Please note that I held off on changing my car to something half running for a year so I could save to see him. And he turns and buys himself a $60,000 truck and says he can't afford to come and see me. Am I wrong for being pissed off?! Please help