Plz help!! Soo emotional an hurting....!!

Brandy • I`m Brandy... I`m 31 years old.. I`m in love with the most amazing, beautiful hearted man I`ve ever came across... Were Expecting
Im wondering if any other women experience this??? I just got done ovulating yesterda.., Usually during ovulation time I'm wetter, slippery, etc.. This time I really wasn't...! My fiance, and I didn't have any love making last night! Today when I got home we were both wanting one another badly... Before anything happened I kept feeling tickles an bubble like things in my stomach...! I didn't think anything bad of it! So, we started our foreplay, and everything was fine! But twenty mins into our love making I had to tell him to stop!! It felt like someone was stabbing at me in my pelvic area...! I had to hunch over, and hold myself, apply pressure basically... I was also wetter, && slippery today, but that usually don't happen after I ovulate... It's happen like this more than once n the past 3months.. Just trying to figure out if any other women have experienced this after ovulation??