Advice-- mother in law

Okay so my mother law drives me crazy.  I work everyday and I am on the west coast and she's on the east coast. She's typically asleep around 10pm east coast time and I get off of work at 7pm or later on west coast time.  So in turn I rarely get off before she goes to sleep. Well she's at work when I wake up at 6am and can't talk. Anywho. I understand I am carrying her grandchild my baby. But she gives me a guilt trip every time I tell her it will be the weekend before I can talk to her. I work at a fast pace pharmacy where I rarely ever can be on my phone.  Most days lunch is quick and I have to get home let our dog out and then head back in.  What does this lady expect from me? I don't have the time during the week to drop everything to talk to her two or three times a day. My own parents don't even do that.  My husband has tried to tell her I am busy but she still doesn't get it.   And as much as I want to say it's her caring no at this point it is her wanting to control everything. Okay I'm done ranting. How do I approach this? Do I continue just reminding her I have a full time job? Because at the point I'm sick of reminding her that I work.