💕Michelle💕 • I`m a 38 yr old. My husband, 13 yr old son and I are excited to have a baby girl in July!
     Did anyone ever use the Walmart brand of ovulation kit? I got the 7 pack and used them, but they never showed positive LH surge that was prominent like the pink die ones. They were obvious on the real light days, but on a few of them they looked like they were close to the same color darkness. 
     I did not care for them and now I wonder if i even ovulated this month. So I just BD with my husband during Glows time stating I was ovulating. 
     I am 5DPO as of today and the past few days I was a little Crampy. Do any of you think I still have a chance? Or am I wishful thinking? My AF is due 9/24/15
     Any advice will help. Thank you very much😊