If you watch sex and the city..

The episode where Aiden proposed to Carrie. She finds the ring before he proposes (Miranda helped pick out the first one) she hated the ring when she found it but tucked it back in his bag..He felt the ring wasn't her so re picked one out, proposed and she said yes. When everyone found out she was engaged she's like I must not be a typical bride or something I'm not all giddy lol then she got really nervous and told him they needed to take it slow no rushing plans or dates he agrees BUT later on he wants to run off and get married in Vegas or something. She was totally confused because of their talk before and asked him what was up he said they need to get married like asap. She asked him if he didn't trust her? He said no.. But if your mine all the way then I could. She said I am yours I'm nobody else's, being married won't change you not trusting me! (Think he was referring to the time Carrie cheated on him with Big..) He moved out the next day :( 
Somewhere Carrie was saying "wrong ring wrong guy?"
Do you believe this?