The Wait. Just need to vent.


I thought the wait from Ovulation to missed period was bad but I am now waiting to retest my blood levels and it's killing me.

Got a +hpt on Saturday (and Sunday and Monday lol) went and got a blood draw yesterday and got a 55...Dr said very low (1-2 weeks) and need to retest on Thursday, if it doesn't double then I'm most likely having a chemical pregnancy, which is what I'm really worried about.

I've had a chemical/miscarriage 1x before and it was terrible.

I have no idea when I was supposed to start my period because I was going 50-some days between. I think I conceived from our fun time on Aug. 30th.

Not being able to tell anyone sucks because then I have no one to vent to in my every day life. I think my husband is still in shock (baby #3... we were "not preventing but not really trying" for).

Ok, I'm done blabbing!