Losing Weight

Anyone been losing weight? I started off 104.9lbs and now I'm around 98-99lbs. I'm 12 weeks now. My Dr says because I'm underweight before I got pregnant, losing this amount of weight is not okay. She told me to eat and drink anything I want, even coke haha! I used to be eating very healthily, avoiding anything with artificial flavorings, colourings, preservatives, msg and I don't eat candies but now I crave for fried stuff like the crunchy bits of Popeyes chicken and meat sometimes disgusts me after a few mouthfuls. Craving for sweets like sour heads and trying to ignore the ingredient lists of things now 😂😂😂 They say you eat things that are the opposite of what you ate before and so far it seems to be the case for me haha.. I used to be able to eat blanched veggies without any sauce, I can eat salads without any dressings, I can eat plain boiled meat and now I crave for heavily seasoned foods 😭😭😭 and I would never throw up fried foods 😂😂😂