Mixed emotions. 😞

Kat • First time mommy to a sweet little boy due in October ❤️
So I guess for a little background info. I see my doctor weekly. The past three weeks now my blood pressure has been above what they wanted it to be. And my swelling in my hands and feet as been so bad that I can hardly walk. So today I went to the doctor again and I had to do more blood tests and I also have to do the 24 hour urine for my protein. Ill find out a week from today whether I have to deliver my baby in two weeks or not and I'm kind of nervous. I'm 34 weeks now so I know there is a chance he would be OK. But I'm still nervous I won't be able to take him home right away if they induce me early. And I'm not even prepared for him to come right now because I have two friends and there 3 month old staying in my house until the end up September, and it's been stressful because I feel like I can't get any cleaning done. I can't stand for longer than ten minutes without blowing up like a blimp and having contractions. And my so doesn't want to do anything when he gets off work. I'm overwhelmed and I just want my baby to be ok. 😞