Preseed everyday or every other?

Nicole🐍 • Pregnant with #1. Have endo & cysts. Baby dust to everyone✌?️✨✨✨
I've been ttc #1 for 4 months now. I have endo, PCOS, a very small cyst on my ovary, and small uterine fibroid at the moment, not too worried about the last two things though. This past month my DH and I used preseed every other day but... AF came this morning 😓 ugh. This month I'm going to give preseed another try since I've only used it 1 month so far. Should I BD with preseed every day or continue with every other day? Also should I start BDing as soon as AF ends? Just going to add, I don't use ovulation kits because of my PCOS. Thanks so much!