Am I taking this the wrong way?

Sabrina • My first love, my son, is 4 years old and now I am pregnant with a baby girl due 12/23/15!!!
This is his first child, my second. I am 24 weeks pregnant. I have a anterior placenta so he hasnt had the chance to feel he much. Obviously now that she is getting bigger she has stronger kicks. She was kicking a lot on my side so I had him put his hand there. She kicked him super hard. (Fyi he has tried multiple times to feel her, he is all about my baby bump also) he said "woah! Felt that!" And immediately moved his hand off. I was like well feel it again.. and he said no because it was weird and he will have more chances. Lol im sorry but I cant beleive it weirded him out to the point of not even wanting to continue to feel her kick at the moment. Am I wrong?