Big Life Decision

Lia • Married ♡ Trusting in God

Hi, everyone.

For the past few months I've been wondering about our future. I am 24 and my husband nearly 30. We've been married for a year in December and been together for about 3 years. We would love a child as we are settled and ready to take the next step within a few months though recently I've been wanting to study again. I am currently a music teacher working from home which is obviously ideal for a baby. I want to study law which mean I'll be quite busy for the next 5 years or so. But onve qualified I will be able to provide much better for our family along with my husband. I don't want to deprive our child of any attentiom so it's one or the other... I've had a few CPs and MC and everytime I saw those 2 lines I KNEW that's what I want for us but as soon as the pregnancy ends I want to stop TTC. Maybe my mind trying to cope? I would love some insights.