Am I crazy?

My SO decided that he would break up with me by removing his Facebook status to single after an argument. Then decided to text me the reason why he was breaking up with me the next day. Number one we have been together for over a year so I don't understand why he wouldn't do this break up face to face. I've been crying nonstop for the last 2 days barley getting any sleep and haven't eaten anything, I'm so sad right now. So I asked him to come on Sunday to drop off my stuff and I can give him his stuff. We set up a time and place, and 3 hours before he is supposed to get here he texts me that he wants to hang out more with friends he hasn't seen in a couple months and asks if we can move the date. I told him no, that if he doesn't have the decency to break up with me in person and have a face to face conversation about it then what makes him think I have the decency to move the date where we officially stop talking and seeing each other? I told him if he wants to be a like that the I was more then happy to become a b*tch, if it meant I would stop being treated so poorly. He then decided to tell me I ruined his whole weekend and basically say I'm crazy for not letting him come drop off my stuff on a different day. Am I crazy? I feel like I've been pushed around too much by him in the last 2 days just letting everything slide but this just made me so mad, I wasn't going to change the date. Am I the crazy one or is he just overreacting? 

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