Whyyyyyy!?!? BFN ! 😫😫

BFN! 😞😞 I thought we had done it this time ! Guess I was wrong , I got anxious and had to test even though AF isn't due until Tuesday. During my ovulation week we BD every other day and twice on my peak day. I have been keeping close track of my BBT and CM and really thought I had it down to the point. I have been having random naiseua throughout the day, my breasts feel heavy and enlarged and I have abnormal "PMS" bloating. After my miscarriage 5 months ago I've wanted more than ever to have a second chance ! Being a mommy has always been my life's dream, my Fiancé and I have been TTC for 1yr+ . Just keeping my fingers crossed and my hopes as high as possible ! 
I will probably test again tomorrow with fingers crossedΒ