How do I do this politely?

I moved to a new state when my SO returned from deployment, I literally don't know anyone out here but him and his parents. We're staying with his mom until our house is finished and I really don't get along with her...I have no friends out here....I have no spots to go to just get away, we live in the middle of a cattle ranch so it takes a awhile to get anywhere but at the same time there's knowhere I can go to be alone, I'm in my second trimester.
My SO works everyday then goes to his shop after work to make horseshoe art, and on the weekends is at the shop making horseshoe art all day and evening. I work swing shift 4 days a week so we literally don't see each other those days and I feel like we don't see each other the other days.
I've brought this up to him and how frustrating it is for me...he says he understands but nothing changes.... Where I lived before was in a redwood forest on a river that led to the ocean....I had secret spits everywhere, friends, people to ride with, I have none of that here.....
And I kinda just wanna take off next week for a couple days and go to my parents cabin that's about 3 hrs south of here...I want to get away from his mom, get away from this house and even get away from him at this point... Because it's not like I see him anyways right??
I even found myself crying after seeing him add some chick I've never seen or heard of on Facebook....I'm just so done right now I want to leave and turn my phone off and be alone....because even though I'm some right now it feels worse than actually being somewhere without people
I'm so incredibly frustrated, and emotional it's even put doubts in my head about my relationship and my child