Condom Broke...

Hey guys... Had sex today and te condom broke. It didn't break inside me though because the whole time he was just rubbing against the outside of my vagina. He didn't realize it broke until he went to throw the condom away right after he cummed. Immediately we ran out to get the PLAN B pill and I took it. I'm just worried about my chances of getting pregnant... Info is below. Thank you.
Usual cycle lasts 5 days, usually comes between the 20th and 23rd of the month, has sometimes come on the 24th-25th, not as often though. 
Last cycle was 22nd to the 27th. 
Fertile window (according to the app in relation to my last cycle) was the 1st of this month to the 7th, and today is the 11th. 
Took PLAN B within a half an hour to an hour of realizing the condom broke. 
Also (according to the app in relation to my last cycle) it says I am on Cycle Day 20 and my next period should be in 9 days, but I am saying 9-12 the latest.