Avrie • I`m married. TTC #1 - Baby dust (:
I'm so beyond pissed off right now. My husband used to smoke weed & it was a huge issue with me. I really don't care if a lot of people do it, I don't like it & he is well aware of how I feel. Anyways it started effecting his work & job opportunities so he quit 6 months ago.
The last week I've been smelling weed here & there & not really thinking much of it. & a few nights ago he came inside from smoking a cigarette & his pupils in his eyes were super tiny & instantly I asked him what he took. He denied taking anything & I asked several more times like saying I won't be mad just tell me what you took & he promised me that he didn't take anything so I just let it go.
Then tonight I'm laying here in bed & I smell weed outside so I run downstairs & find him smoking a cigarette, but I'm not stupid the cigarette was freshly lit & he was outside for a bit. Long story short I found the fuxking pill bottle of weed. 
Asked him where he got it & after trying to blow it off he finanlly told me he got it from a coworker, but he knows he's not supposed to be smoking it. & he apparently sees no problem & doesn't understand why I'm pissed off.