Super long but please read

alexis 🌸✨ • 19, Janelle Grace decided to come early on 12/15/15, and is a little fighter. God is so good ❤️
my boyfriend and I just got into a fight, and he blamed me for making the decision to keep the baby without him. he wanted me to get an abortion from the very beginning, and I was going to for awhile, because I'm so young, and I didn't think that I would be a good mother, however a part of me still didn't wann do it. fast forward to us breaking up for awhile, and I was financially incapable of paying for the abortion, and I thought maybe this is Gods way of telling me I am ready to be a mom, so I decided to keep it. he finds out, and wants back in my life, I say over and over to him that he is not obligated to stay, & that I wouldn't make him pay child support. that he had a clean getaway. he decided to stay. fast forward to him not being excited whatsoever over this baby, sure it wasn't planned, but it was a happy accident in my eyes, and us fighting constantly over him not caring. he said that I'm not looking at the big picture of the cost, etc, and that I'm not mature enough. fast forward to us being perfectly fine, and happy  all until tonight when he basically blamed me for ruining his life with a kid, because I asked him about baby names, and he didn't wanna have anything to do with coming up with names. I'm so hurt right now, please tell me I'm not overreacting. I just had my first panic attack in over 3 months, because those words hit me like a punch to the stomach.