I've feeling odd since I had a threatened miscarriage she I was 5w5d and they said baby was fine nothing wrong and they sent me home. I'm 14w1d and I still feel odd. I haven't been sick and most of my pregnancy ive had the morning sickness and what not. But this one is just odd. It's my fourth pregnancy by the way. I've been feeling weak dizzy I did through up about five days ago and it had some blood in it. Ive had head aces that I believe my brother had before he found out he had a tumor. I have a gulf stone and I haven't got that checked out yet. I've also had some light cramping.

I've been trying to go the hospital but I have no ride most of the time and when I do it doesn't have gas in it. All of this symptoms just scears me. And I'm worried the doc well tell me bad news. Am I just over thinking or...I don't know I really don't know what to. Most of the time I try to sleep through it all.

I just need some comforting.