Got my BFP this morning after 10 months


Yes! I got my BFP this morning after 10 months of trying. I know its not that long for some people but as everyone knows just one month feels like forever when TTC .

I tested one day before my period was due and got a clear negative. Then on the day I was due I wiped and had a tinted pink mucus so I put a tampon in ....and just had brown spotting on it that day. Not like my normal period at all. This was thrs.

No sign of period or spotting on Friday. I tested again Saturday BC I had a girlfriend coming over for some wine and wanted to make sure before I drank and I got a faint positive.....a clear faint positive. ( so I didn't have my wine lol)

I waited another day and took three different kinds this morning and got positives on all three!!! You prob can't see it to well on the test strip cause it was faint and my camera sucks. I'm soooooo happy, excited, nervous and scared all at the same time. No one knows yet....except you guys haha.

I knew something was up when my usually breast tenderness wasn't going away!

I've been taking gertitol multivitamin along with a prenatal. Diet changes and exercise was added in. And I used preseed for two months on ovulation days only and I used ovulation test strips.

I believe preseed helped because Im usually fairly dry down there!

Anyways I got a trillion things going through my mine! So happy!

I thought I had my period so I just spent $47 on that pregnancy miracle e book and another $45 on all new supplements and herbs. Lol oh well!!